Products are automatically synced with App when the sale is made, including your product in it. If a product has not been displayed, it means you have not sold the product yet. So don't worry about it!

Yes, you can. Visit Manage Orders page and click the button (+) and fill in the details there as your page title to display in the notification. , Product URL, product image URL, and so on.

We have an option in the settings page to enable the pseudo-timestamp on the order (e.g., buy 5 minutes in advance) even if the order was purchased outside of this time frame. You can choose how far you want App to add these imprint timers to orders (even orders made a year ago may have a timestamp indicating that it was purchased. recently).

We have an option in the settings page to fake visitors count. Please visit the Setting => click on Enable => Find Visitors Count => select Fake (Visitors Count Fake) => Random Range to select the number of Visitors Count (eg 10-100)

Yes, you can. You can select target when creating notification. There are 3 targets for you to choose from. 
All: When you select All, the notification will be displayed on all pages. 
Global: When Global is selected, the notification will be displayed in the home page and catalog 
Product: When selecting Product, the notification will be displayed on the product pages.

You are most likely to have closed a notification while browsing your store. Alerts will remain visible to all of your visitors, but if anyone clicks to close the message they will no longer see the notification. To revisit your notice, just reload the page (press F5).

On the settings page, you'll find the option to turn off utm tags so they are not attached to any URLs when someone clicks the notification.

You need to check the following:
Step 1: Check if there are orders in Manage Orders 2 days ago.
Step 2: Check if these notifications are displayed in the App.

You need to visit the Order Management page and click button download the template, fill detail information in the template. Then click button import information from excel to app.